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S3 Fuels Pvt Ltd (Formerly known as Sahyadri Smart Safe Pvt. Ltd.), is driven by a team of professionals collectively having extensive experience in surface and marine logistics as well as in providing solutions for saving energy, fuel and water in various industries in India as well as overseas.  

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To be a leading provider of sustainable and eco-friendly fuels, including bio diesel and compressed bio gas, that reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and promote a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations.


Our mission is to produce high-quality bio diesel and compressed bio gas that are affordable, accessible, and environmentally friendly. We aim to support local communities by utilizing local resources and creating job opportunities, while also contributing to the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. We are committed to promoting a circular economy by utilizing organic waste as a valuable resource, while also prioritizing safety, reliability, and affordability for our customers. Through these efforts, we strive to enable a sustainable future for our planet.

Redefining the Way 
We Move

Over the past three years, we have been heavily involved in the manufacturing and supply of bio diesel, a renewable and sustainable alternative to traditional diesel fuel. Our experience in this industry has been both challenging and rewarding, as we have had the opportunity to work with a variety of individuals and organizations, and have played an active role in promoting the use of bio diesel as a viable and environmentally friendly fuel source.


In terms of manufacturing, we have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience in the production process, from sourcing and collecting raw materials, to processing and refining these materials into usable fuel in our venture with Kshumat Energy Pvt Ltd. We have also been involved in quality control and testing, ensuring that our bio diesel meets or exceeds industry standards and regulations.


In terms of supply, We have been actively involved in supplying Bio Diesel to State owned Oil Marketing Companies, Private industries, Logistics Company and many more through our venture with KshumatEnergy Pvt Ltd. This has involved coordinating logistics and managing inventory, as well as providing support and assistance to customers as needed.

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Meet The Team

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(Co-Founder & CEO)


Viral Shah, a commerce graduate, is an energy conservation expert who has implemented multiple technologies to reduce fuel consumption & pollution in India and across the globe in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, UAE and Africa. 


He is an industry expert who has invested in multiple joint ventures and subsidiary companies across the globe which facilitate their clients in saving energy and reducing GHG emissions.



(Co-Founder & CBO)


A graduate in biochemistry topped with a masters in marketing, Ravindrakumar brings to the team over three decades of business development experience gained from exposure to chemical, infrastructure (EPC), supply chain and fabrication industry. His struggles as an Entrepreneur and the corporate stint have given him an insight not just on development of sales but also an overview of finance and operations in various fields. 


The interactions with clients ranging from small scale manufacturers to corporates such as Rio Tinto and Shell have helped in broadening the horizon to appreciate new ideas and concepts and build on them.

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A visionary in his own right, Sohel’s ability to identify and visualize opportunities has enabled him to grow the family’s single company operating as a custom house agent to a group of over 25 companies under the Bharat Freight Group umbrella. The group today operates ports, marine vessels, trucking fleet, passenger ferries, warehousing, electronicsamong others. His passion for new ideas and opportunities have led to his deep involvement in the Bharat Mala Programme and INST Project with the Indian Government. Developing transport via the waterways both inland and coastal is his current mission where electric and green energy will be playing a key role. 


His experience and business acumen is a key asset to the team in overcoming challenges. 

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Garun’s interest in the energy sector started with exposure to oil trading which was his stepping stone in the fuel world. He has been instrumental in bringing into India the technology developed by RAG, the National Oil Company of Austria which enables making of old oil wells with low yields commercially viable thereby extending the life of matured oilfields enabling better returns. Being in the energy industry has helped him grasp the changing dynamics of the oil trade in view of the global warming challenge and the importance and potential of alternate fuels not only as a need but as a commercial enterprise as well.


Besides the energy trade, Garun is actively involved in managing of his family’s business interests in the Hospitality, Agriculture and Precious stones. 

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