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Affordable, Accessible, and Environmentally Friendly

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Our factory and partnership

Our current factory has a small production capacity of 500 thousand liters of bio diesel per month. However, we have the capability to produce B100 bio diesel, which is a blend of 100% bio diesel and meets the international standards of IS15607:2022, ASTM, and EU standards.

Our production process is designed to ensure that our bio diesel meets these high standards, ensuring the quality and consistency of our product. We use locally sourced and sustainable feedstocks to produce our bio diesel, supporting local communities and promoting a circular economy.

Despite our small production capacity, we are committed to producing high-quality bio diesel that is affordable, accessible, and environmentally friendly. We believe that our bio diesel can help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, promote cleaner air, and combat climate change. We are continuously working to improve and expand our production capacity to meet the growing demand for sustainable fuel options.

Our partnership with Kshumat Energy Pvt Ltd and for jointly using their facility for manufacturing has been fruitful for curbing the industry growth. 

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